Title of the Practice: Sports training and physical fitness



Sports training and physical fitness are of paramount importance for good physical and mental health. Sports training and physical fitness play a crucial role in promoting holistic well-being, encompassing physical health, mental health, and social development. Integrating regular exercise into one’s lifestyle can contribute to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. Sports training especially focus on optimal performance in a particular sport. Its main aim is to develop the performance capacity of sports persons. It enhances students fitness and capacity to acquire skills and competencies of a sportsman:



  • To acquire sports skill: It includes enhancing basic skills of sports persons including technical training with focus on acquisition of mentor skills relevant to a particular sport.

  • To improve student performance: Tailored training programs enhance athletic performance by focusing strength, speed, agility, and sport-specific skills.

  • To enhance physical health: Sports training keeps students fit and healthy.  

  • To increase muscle strength and endurance: Sports training builds muscle, increases strength, and improves endurance, contributing to overall physical performance.

  • To boost immunity: Regular exercise helps to strengthen immune system, thereby reducing the risk of illness and promoting overall health.

  • To improve circulation: Physical activity enhances blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells and promoting better overall health.

  • To provide flexibility and range of motion: Stretching exercises improve flexibility, enhance joint health, and reduce the risk of injuries.

  • To increase cardiovascular health: Regular physical activity improves heart health, reduces the risk of heart disease, and enhances cardiovascular function.

  • To enhance mental health and stress reduction: Physical activity releases endorphins, which act as natural mood lifters and reduce stress levels.


The context:

Sports training and physical fitness involves a holistic approach, combining physical conditioning, mental preparation, nutrition, and recovery strategies to optimize performance and overall health. It is aimed to provide good physical condition, performance, and overall health. Besides the regular teaching and learning activities, Shivchhatrapati College takes necessary efforts for providing student trainings for sports. The department of sports and physical education aims to develop sportsmen with ordinary techniques and skills to a large number of students.  The college staff gives best training to students to expose them to the outer world of competition.

  • Sports training are planned and systematically conducted.

  • Sports training are aimed to achieve excellence in competitions.

  • It provides an avenue for overall development of sport persons.

  • Sports training assist to process of development of hidden talent.


Areas of training programs: 

  • Basketball training

  • Hand ball

  • Volley ball

  • Kho-kho

  • Lezim

  • Mallakhamb

  • Gymnastic

  • Taekwondo

  • Soft ball

  • Cricket

  • Boxing

  • Yoga and physical fitness

  • Wight lifting

SCCA offers sports facilities and amenities to the school students as well. The department of sports and physical education organizes specialized school student training programs for school students on fencing and trampoline with the aim to develop budding sportsman.


The Practice:

SCCA aims to provide a platform for the students to improve strength and skills to participate in the university level, State level or national level sports competition. The Department of Sports and Physical Education takes continuous efforts for the sport students to keep them fit and active for any kind of sports including fencing, reslling, etc. Due to these efforts, students can participate in various university, state and national level events.  

Staff members provide training on voluntarian basis. The department aims to create a well-rounded sports training of the school students that nurtures the development of athletes in fencing and trampoline. Different training programs up to several months are organized.


Evidence of success:

Achievements of college students:

  • Total awards : 14 [National awards : 06, State levels : 08]

  • No. of sports training programs conducted: 39

  • No. of sport university / state and national events in which students of institution participated : 25

  • Arti Chavade was awarded with Bronze Medal in National Softball Tournaments at Tirupati, Andrapradesh during 3rd to 7th June 2018.

  • Vishakha Kajale and Saharsha Udawant were awarded with Gold medal in team event at State level Foil Fencing during 4th-6th March 2020-21.

  • Miss. Vishakha Kajale received Gold medal in team event in Foil Fencing during 13-15 Dec 2021.  

  • Miss. Vishaka Kajale was awarded with silver medal in 29th Junior National Fencing Championship tournaments on 25-28 Dec. 2021.

  • Vishakha Kajale and Jaydip Pandhre received Gold medal in 29th Junior State Fencing championship during 13-15 Nov. 2021.

  • Miss. Arti Ravat was awarded with silver medal in the 1st National Grappling Championship organized by Gandhi stadium New Delhi on 20-22 Oct 2021.

  • Miss. Pratiksha Chavan was awarded with Gold Medal in Wako India National Kick-Boxing Competition held at Goa during 26 to 29th Aug 2021.

  • Miss. Komal Bansode was awarded with Silver Medal in the Team event in Kho-Kho, Krida Mahotsav Competition organized by Dr. B. A. M. U. Aurangabad (2022).

  • Komal Bansode received Silver Medal in Team event Kho-Kho West zone, at Sagar university (MP)


Achievements of School students: 

  • Number of awards for trained students: 48

  • Number of events in which trained students participated: 55

  • Number of training programs conducted: 13


Problems encountered and resources required:

Sports and physical fitness training can encounter various problems:

  • Difficult to give training to each student.

  • Government grants and scholarships.

  • Support networks within the sports community.

  • Poor nutrition can impact performance and recovery.


Resources required:

  • More financial support

  • More space for indoor and out-door games