Achievement of high quality education system through regular, consistent and continuously improving academic and administrative performance of the institute.


Augmentation of all possible mechanisms for bringing positive changes at the level of planning, execution, achievement and continuous assessment in terms of curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular, research, innovation, extension, infrastructure, governance, leadership, management, student’s support and progression, etc.

About Us

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Shivchhatrapati college, Aurangabad is highly active and functional in maintaining academic ambience the college and regular feedbacks which is continuously employed for the improvements. 

The IQAC was established on 16-September-2012 and is aimed to bring about transformation in quality perspectives of higher education of the institution. With the efforts of IQAC college successfully completed two cycles of NAAC accreditation, latest second cycle in 2018 with CGPA 2.39 having “B” grade. 

IQAC works consistently in the areas of outcome based education, evaluation, mentoring, regular feedback and extension services for the sake of society. 

Features of IQAC

IQAC has become an agent of change through its existence, constant efforts for quality enhancement through meticulous planning and its execution.

Following are the salient features of IQAC of Shivchhatrapati College, Aurangabad:

  • A vibrant and dedicated team of IQAC members.
  • Regular quality check through effective feedback mechanism. 
  • Providing value based education through certificate, value added and short term courses.
  • Effective mentoring system.
  • Conduct of staff development programs.
  • Conduct of capacity building program
  • Regular meetings of HoDs and staff for quality improvement. 
  • Calculating attainment of POs and COs.
  • Conduct of bridge and remedial courses. 
  • Promoting research component through institutional research endowment grants, Avishkar and various state level competitions.
  • Effective social service through NSS and NCC. 
  • Organization of regular health check-ups, health centre, canteen facilities. 
  • Participation in quality audits and certifications including NAAC, AISHE, NIRF, university Academic and Administrative audit, ISO, Green audit, Environmental audit, Energy audit etc. 

Message From Chairman

Chairman – IQAC

NAAC plays an import role in maintaining and continuous improvement in the quality aspects of higher education. The changes can be achieved in terms of infrastructure, education, results, students support and progression, research and extension services to achieve excellence in teaching, learning and evaluation. 

M. S. P. Mandal’s Shivchhatrapati College, Aurangabad tries to maintain a harmony in bringing about quality systems in higher education since its establishment 2001.

The institute offers a quality education for the learners in Marathwada region in terms of excellent classroom teaching, cultural activities, sports and physical education. The institute is happy in providing quality education to the society during last 20 years.

Message From Coordinator

The IQAC of Shivchhatrapati College pursues quality standards in the overall teaching, learning and evaluation. It functions on the following aspects: 

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Regular feedback
  • Improvements
  • Quality 

IQAC provides departmental plan of action, monitors the same through regular meetings and feedback is used for further improvements. The IQAC works on the following aspects:

  • Quality teaching and learning process
  • Providing outcome based education 
  • Regular FDPs for teaching and administrative staffs
  • Organization of seminars, conference and workshops on quality perspectives
  • Promotion of research through institutional research endowment grants and various state level competitions. 
  • Effective mentoring
  • Calculating attainment of COs and POs
  • Participation in NAAC, AISHE, NIRF, ISO, university AAA, environment audit, green audit, energy audits etc. 
  • Organization of capacity building programs
  • Frequent on campus training and placement camps. 
  • Career guidance