B.Sc. (General)



Degree offered:

B.Sc. (General)

Course duration:

Three Years (Six Semesters)





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B.Sc. First Year:

1.    Compulsory language : English

2.    Second Language: Add. English or Marathi or Hindi or Pali

3.    Any one group of optional given below


  1  Physics  Chemistry  Electronics
  2  Physics  Chemistry  Mathematics
  3  Physics  Chemistry  Comp.Science
  4  Physics  Mathematics  Comp.Science
  5  Physics  Electronics  Mathematics
  6  Physics  Electronics  Comp.Science
  7  Chemistry  Comp.Science  Electronics
  8  Chemistry  Botany  Zoology
  9  Chemistry  Botany  Microbiology
  10  Chemistry  Zoology  Microbiology


4.    Compulsory Computer Science course : (Students opting Computer Science optional or completed MS-CIT or having Computer Science/IT at HSC are exempted)

B.Sc. Second Year:

1.    Compulsory language : English

2.    Second Language: Add. English or Marathi or Hindi or Pali.

3.    Compulsory Environmental Studies : (Students opting Environmental Science optional are exempted)

4.    Optional group selected in First Year


B.Sc. Third Year:

1.    Group of optionals selected in First year.


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